I am pro-family planning, pro-choice, pro-cooling off period, pro-counseling, and pro-fetal transplant research (researching how to transplant a fetus from one mother to another). Pregnancy termination is not an easy decision under any circumstances. That personal decision is something between a woman and her care provider. 

We should be focused on open, honest education and pregnancy prevention. I believe vasectomies should be covered 100% by the government.

     I am aggressively against legislation aimed at harassing victims or requiring victims to identify and prosecute their assaulters in order to obtain an abortion. These legislations also aim to shorten the statute of limitations and cast doubt on the assault if a victim decides not to terminate a pregnancy. While it may not always be in their best interest, I must respect a victim's right to privacy, their right not to file charges, and their choice to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term if they so desire.

The Texas Abortion Law

     As a nurse, I cannot support any law that denies someone the right to self-determination (autonomy). Nor can I support legislation that creatively denies someone their right to medical privacy. I believe that there should be a special class of laws that are enacted against people who purposefully prevent others from seeking or receiving medical care directly or indirectly.

     I would also like to add my thoughts on the infertility caucus. I know the Texas Abortion Law has profound effects on the decisions of those providing and receiving infertility care. It is important to acknowledge your struggles and how the law is complicating best practices for your medical care. I see you. I will endeavor to keep safe infertility care in line with the medical and scientific data as opposed to varying religious views or party lines.