To raise an intelligent and empowered youth, we must fully support public education.  The findings of the Kirwan commission are quite novel. Maryland is known for finding novel solutions to problems. I believe funding the real-life trial is worthwhile.

   I disagree with privatization of the public-school system.

   I disagree with Boost Vouchers. $7.5Million could build an entire new school instead of benefitting only a handful of select students. 

     We need to separate the costs associated with medical care needs for individual students from the general education funds. We should not be burdening paraprofessionals with healthcare tasks to be performed by a healthcare professional.

Early College Credit

     I believe bringing more college credit bearing classes to high school students is the best way to assist gifted and average students who are highly motivated. Check out the program at Elkton High school. You can graduate with your high school diploma and an Associate’s degree concurrently.

Higher Education

     We need to stop the predatory nature of student loans. All borrowers are affected by this: students, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Minimally, all student loans should be government-controlled loans.

    I support making 2-year colleges and trade schools free. This would reduce student loan debt, increase the numbers and quality of our trade workforce, as well as reduce the financial penalties for changing career course.