Gun Rights

I believe in the Second Amendment. I recognize that the average gun owner is a law-abiding citizen. I will not take food out of the mouths of those who use hunting as a way to make ends meet. 

Gun Initiatives

     As a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist I plan to take on firearms manufacturers and require them to engineer their noise levels down. Simply put, the right to bear arms should not come at the cost of your hearing.  

     I also plan on working with ammunition manufacturers to advance projectile technology as part of my ‘get the lead out’ initiative. The goal of this initiative is to remove heavy metals such as lead, bismuth, and antimony from ammunition. This will protect the manufacturing employees, the consumers, and the environment while being unlikely to change the price of ammunition.

Gun Violence

     Studying gun violence is the key to refining laws so that they provide the least amount of governmental regulation with the most amount of effect. We can’t be afraid of what the data reveals. The goal is to avoid unnecessary or ineffective overregulation while still keeping weapons from those who would misuse them.

Background Checks

     No one wants deadly weapons in the hands of those who would misuse them. Speaking as a registered deadly weapon myself, background checks are an easy no nonsense solution to keep people compliant. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with requiring someone to prove they are compliant with the law. Many Americans already receive similar background checks throughout the course of their employment or volunteerism. I suggest that these equivalent background checks should be allowed to count for the routine proof of compliance to maintain gun ownership. I believe in the establishment of an independent business to manage the background checks and additional services such as private gun vaulting for domestic issues. This would provide an extra layer of protection for gun owners. It would also mean that meeting the evidential level of a warrant is required before data exchanged can occur, outside of required reporting related to gross non-compliance