I believe that primary care is a right of citizenship. While I support the goal of Universal Healthcare, I realize that it is unlikely to pass, even in the current pandemic political climate.  We need a plan that will start helping our citizens now.   ‘Primary Care for All Citizens’ is a very low cost, highly effective solution supported by research completed in the United States. “Primary Care for All Citizens” is a 3-phase plan that can keep Americans happier, healthier, and out of the hospital.  This legislation can stand alone or can be used as the central tenant to build Medicare For All

Rural Healthcare

     I fully support stand alone Emergency Department's with observation beds. Not everywhere needs a full hospital.

     I support increasing the number of home health care providers including Doctors, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

     I support increasing the number of independent living and assisted living options.


     I fully support government interventions to slow, stop, and reverse the rising costs of medications.


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