The immigration process needs to be clearer. I reference the picture menus at fast food restaurants. I can clearly see what is in package 1, 2, 3, etc. So if someone says they are path 3, step 25/26, anyone can look that up. The benefits and expectations of progressing through the steps should be clearly marked and escalate as one progresses through the steps.

Chain Migration

     I fully support chain migration. Family is the greatest support structure we have. Whether migrating for work or immigrating on the path to citizenship, we need to allow and encourage continued, positive family support. Better support makes better citizens


     I do not support the proposed ICE detention center in Sudlersville. We need proactive solutions, not reactive. I support the use of ankle monitors.

     We should not be burdening local law enforcement with the duties of ICE. If illegal immigration issues happen across their usual course of duty, Local law enforcement may call ICE as appropriate.


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