We need to invest in repairing and stabilizing our bridges, highways, and roads by fully funding the Highway Trust Fund. Expansion of public transportation can relieve some of the burden on the current infrastructure and be environmentally beneficial. I support connective rail and metro transit across Maryland. I would personally love to revive leisure rail service across the district. I'm inspired by the potential to hop a train from Cecil County to Ocean City for a few days of vacation. Maybe even revive some of the whistle-stops and destinations like Betterton Beach. 

Rural Broadband

     The problems associated with the lack of rural broadband in District 1 were made more apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear about how broadband enhances communication and information sharing. It can also provide business opportunities, bring or sustain jobs, improve efficiency, improve productivity, allow for electronic educational opportunities, and allow for electronic healthcare opportunities. Broadband is