New Leadership Developed by Delivering Hands-On Results for Our Community

          I have served my community as a nurse since 2008. I have worked hospital pediatrics to adult ICU, critical care transport, observation services, school nursing, and occupational health. I volunteer for my local Fire Department, specializing in Fire Prevention.  I have a wide picture of how health and healthcare function at ground level. I feel that our citizens deserve better.  I believe that basic healthcare is a right of citizenship. I have developed my own legislation, derived from scientific data, patient experience, and my own professional experience. My legislation is fiscally prudent, yet more effective at reducing overall healthcare costs and with better patient outcomes than any legislation preceding.

          Being a nurse gives me a unique perspective on many social problems. You can always expect that health and safety will be my first concerns with every legislation I consider. I will fight to preserve the basic human rights to clean air and clean water. I will fight to keep and strengthen institutions that protect the average person such as the EPA and trade Unions. I vow never to put the wants of business over the health or safety of people.

         In the end, I'm just a normal person. I am trying to solve the problems of everyday people.  I do that best by drawing from my core as a nurse and therefore an advocate. The only difference between my advocacy  yesterday and my advocacy today, is that my patient population now encompasses the entirety of Maryland's First Congressional District.

          I look forward to serving by your side.

            Jennifer Pingley, RN


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