I have served my community as a nurse since 2008. I have worked hospital pediatrics to adult ICU, critical care transport, observation services, school nursing, and occupational health. I volunteer for my local Fire Department, specializing in Fire Prevention.  I have a wide perspective regarding how healthcare functions at ground level. Simply put, our citizens deserve better. I have developed my own legislation to provide Primary Care services to our citizens, free of charge. My legislation is fiscally prudent, yet more effective at reducing overall healthcare costs and with better patient outcomes than any legislation preceding. This is because I rely on simple statistics and real-life American examples. 

          You may be surprised to know that scope of nursing extends far beyond the health and safety sector. Being educated and employed as a nurse helps me to more completely understand why it is important to fight for and protect the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay, to protect our farms, especially the legacy and heritage farmers, and to invest in our infrastructure including mass transit and Broadband. I understand the importance of collective bargaining for businesses banding together to increase purchasing power as well as trade unions negotiating employee benefits. I most certainly understand the importance of personal autonomy and the rights granted to us in the U.S. Constitution. 

         Truthfully, I'm just a normal person trying to solve the problems of everyday people.  I do that best by drawing on my nursing experiences as a constant negotiator and advocate. As a nurse I don't get to cherry-pick my patients, nor should I cherry-pick those I represent. I vow to represent the entirety of Maryland's First Congressional District.

          I look forward to serving by your side.

            Jennifer Pingley, RN