Rural Policy

     Farming is an essential part of District 1. Most grants and subsidies are based on yields or plantings. Smaller, heritage, family farms are already at the pinnacle of production capacity with little option to expand. We need to investigate and work to restore the equity of aid distribution. See Leslie Stahl reporting similarly here on May 3rd, 2020.

     For my stance on rural broadband, roads, bridges and highways, see the Infrastructure page.

     For my stance on rural healthcare see the Healthcare page.

Urban Policy

     Though less applicable to District 1, the sentiments are universal. Community reinvestment is key. Zero or low interest loans for small business, non-profits, and residents to maintain and/or improve building and environmental conditions. Support the small business growth to keep jobs in neighborhoods. Continue to increase support for public transportation. The more we invest to keep neighborhoods from running down, the less crime and unemployment they will experience.